Ed Centre

Nnete Ed Centre’s vision is to see High School students excel in their education, therefore breaking the poverty cycle by giving them the opportunity of tertiary education and a career of their choosing.

We are an Educational Centre, in the heart of Clarens Township, which provides extra support by working alongside our local schools. We aim to be a blessing to the schools and students as they face the challenges of overcrowded classrooms and limited resources. By working together we hope to provide our students with all they need to overcome the difficult circumstances they have been born into. 

What the Nnete Ed Centre provides: 

  • After school tutoring
    Students are supported by educated volunteers who encourage and challenge them in their studies.
  • A safe learning environment
    Each child has a place that is quiet, comfortable and safe to come and focus on their studies.
  • Life skills training
    A variety of training that will equip them for their future learning and careers.
  • Mentoring
    Adults, who take time to get to know the students, support them with careers advice and encourage them to reach their full potential.
  • Saturday School
    Teachers, or qualified individuals, educating small classes of students on different aspects of the curriculum.  
  • Resources
    Access to learning resources such as textbooks, computers and the internet.

How we got here:

The Nnete Ed Centre is based in the Nnete Foundation’s building which started being renovated in June 2015. It was previously a shop so a lot of work was needed to be done to turn it into the building it is today. Thankfully, by November 2015 after support from a Team of volunteers from England, the building was fully functional. The building consists of one main, large room and two study rooms. It is now a clean, comfortable place to study with many books and computers and access to the internet. We had our first official intake of students in January 2016.

For more information please contact us.