Getting Involved

Nnete Foundation is all about us helping each other. If you feel you have an idea or skill you would like to run with, we would love to hear it and help you! We are always looking for new ways to empower our community!

Ways you can get involved:

  • Time

We are looking for volunteers who will help tutor and mentor our students. You don’t have to be a qualified teacher, but do need to have a good grasp on English and hopefully another subject as well. We are also looking to run Holiday School programs, where teams can come in for a short period of time and run a specialised training block.

  • Give

We are always in need of stationery, text books and general office supplies. We don’t charge the Ed-centre students to come, and those studying at the Teacher Training Centre pay only a minimal fee. We rely on sponsorship and donations for our running costs. Thank you so much to those who have given and if you would like to give financially, we are now a registered NPO & PBO so we can send you the information you would need for tax purposes.



·          Account Name:   Nnete Foundation                                                                            
           Account no:         62586585815                                                                                 
           Bank:                   FNB                                                                                                 
           Branch Code:      Bethlehem 230133                                                                          

           Reference:           Your Name                                                                                      

           Swift code:           FIRNZAJJ

           Bank Physical address: CNR LOUW & BOSHOFF STREETS, BETHLEHEM, 9701


·          Please send your details to [email protected] if you                                 

           would like us to send you a S18A Certificate                                                               


  • Pray

We believe that with our commitment and God’s grace, all our students can fulfil their dreams. Pray for our students, our community and South Africa, that through God’s grace the poor will be empowered and poverty will be a thing of the past.

  • Spread the word

We are  always looking to connect with like-minded people and organisations so if you are someone or know someone we could work with, please give us a shout.